Saturday, 17 December 2011

and finally - the Christmas message haiku

People of the World

You can only reach the Stars

United in Peace

A modern icon, the Fenix 2 capsule represents the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. It was built by the Chilean Navy to a NASA design and was operated using a specially designed winch controlled by a team of experts from Austria in Europe. In other words people from 3 continents played a vital part in the 69 day rescue of the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground in 2010. Live pictures of the breathtaking and daring rescue were beamed around the whole world. The Fenix 2 rescue demonstrates the true spirit of humankind.

We must rise from the ashes of our warring history. Only then can we reach for the stars.

Fenix 2 image:


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  2. I hope the world's listening, Gwil! Little time left.

  3. John, och aye!

    Dick, I think you may be right about the time factor.

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