Friday, 2 December 2011

See R K Singh at See Haiku Here

On the blog See Haiku Here there are now appearing some delightful, almost spiritual, haiku from my favourite Indian poet R K Singh. I have no hesitation in recommending a click.
Here's one seasonal 3-liner of my own.

straw on my back
snow in my beard
no holly and ivy in sight



  1. Oh come on Gwilym - get into the spirit of Christmas and get that holly and ivy out.

  2. He speaks for those who will see no Christmas spirit. He speaks for those people who are victims of man's inhumanity to man. Innocent victims of aggression and war for example. He speaks for those children whom the military machine calls collateral damage. for example. Or the hidden statistics. The 700% increase in children's cancer in Iraq. He sees no reason to celebrate. So in that way he has the spirit of Christmas without the glitter of hypocrisy.

  3. Oh dear, I never knew that there is 700% increase in cancer among children in Iraq. That way, the future is doomed in Afghanistan, Libya and wherever the Americans and NATO have been bombarding the people and property.
    The environment has turned poisonous: Each year we suffer 'allergies' that have no treatment! Will God hear if we pray?

  4. R K, I should make it clear that the 700% figure is in areas where depleted uranium was used. I think they also used depleted uranium in Libya but if it was to a lesser extent only time will tell.

    Apropos Afghanistan I was reading in a newspaper only this morning that in one case a sum of UNO aid money was given to Afghanistan sufficient to clean up a 26.6 sq km area of old mines but in fact only 1.6 sq km was cleaned up. It would appear that once again a large part of the donated money has mysteriously 'disappeared'. So it is.

    I read somewhere on the internet that of the 14 (?) search and rescue dogs used by the NY fire brigade on 9/11 I think it is the case that 8 dogs died of cancer caused by the asbestos clouds released when the buildings fell down.

    Japanese fishermen, according to NHK (Japanese TV) are having to go over 900 kms out to sea to find tuna fish that don't contain Fukushima cesium. Myself I have stopped eating any fish from the Pacific.

    Here in Vienna, a clean city, the air quality has been into the red zone more than 60 days this year. Once it was 3 times over the limit! I try not to breathe on such days!

    Nature will kick back, God or no God. Prayers or no prayers.

  5. R K,
    ps - Syndic Journal LINK now up on P-i-R


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