Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Alter wise at owl-light

or a poem written late at night and finished in the morning

why call 9/11 9/11
is something that puzzles me

between moves on the chess board
designed for the blind

in most of the rest of the world
the date that day was 11/9
not 9/11

9/11 was the date
Dylan Thomas died in New York

although at the Chelsea
they would probably say

Dylan died on 11/9
and not 9/11 as it would be said
in Wales

logic tells me
you begin with the smallest
work towards the biggest

first you have the time
then comes the day
then the month
then the year

or am I
and out of my mind

or am I
a simpleton

unlike all the sane
and 9/11 oriented

the 9/11 billions

now it's black's turn to move


  1. Cheap cigarettes via PiR? No thanks. Wouldn't like to encourage lung cancer and other smoking related diseases here passive or otherwise.

  2. the land of logic or reason
    has never been our claim to fame
    more like heros and villians
    with sequels of the same
    we count numbers at the box office
    and how many seasons did we air
    911 is the number one calls
    when you get a scare

  3. Thanks for leaving the poem rangadeviZ!

    Apropos box office, the film J Edgar is now showing in Austria. I will probably go but maybe not with high hopes. As a character study it has possibilities.

  4. :),...maybe we'll get a review if its worth it


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