Friday, 13 January 2012

Olden Tree

An Emperor
and an Actress

upon a golden Path

where the Woods were thick
with Rocks and Roots
and muddy underfoot

and an endless Rain was falling

its endlessness was falling
and not one silver Cloud to see

from the Hollow
of an olden Tree

Emperor Franz Joseph I and companion


The Fifth Column - Ernest Hemingway
The Proust Screenplay - Harold Pinter
The Complete Stories - Alice Walker
A Henry Miller Reader - Henry Miller (Ed. John Calder)


  1. Where do you get your ideas from - an active imagination/dreams/odd books???

  2. Pat, The key to this one is based on the pun to do with a falling rain i.e. a falling reign. The Habsburg monarchy is coming to an end. The Emperor is having a liaison with an actress called Frau Schratt, in fact some sources claim with some authority that the couple were married in secret by a bishop sometime from 1909 onwards. The original Empress was murdered by the ubiquitous lone psychopath in about 1897 I think. The tree is the royal family tree - now hollow - now about to fall.

  3. I should add that Austrian nouns being German always start with a capital letter - so I show that too. Tradition.

  4. I just came upon your blog a week or so ago; am following it with interest. I want to share a poem I wrote last year. I wrote it after I saw a film on Chernobyl:


    Toska –
    Russian word which means
    dull ache in the soul

    Light of sun distilled, forced
    through tunnels into funnels
    glowing the teeth of the smile of the
    child in Hiroshima.
    Japanese Earthquake
    rips up the nuclear power plants
    and clouds of radiance
    rain down and out into the air,
    into the nose and mouth,
    into the lungs, the genes.

    In Chernobyl twenty five years later
    the children of the children who breathed in the poison
    have gene blasted brains,
    gene ruined sclerotic muscles,
    humps on the back
    where their kidneys live
    outside their bodies,
    blood ruined arteries,
    lymphless legs,
    watching on television
    the Japanese earthquake
    and its incense of radiance.


  5. Dear Anne, many thanks for sharing the poem. It is as you say "a dull ache of the soul". I was talking to someone yesterday who has friends in Japan who believe they are safe because they live 200kms from Fukushima...because that's the official IAEA-Japan Govt. misinformation line.


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