Thursday, 19 January 2012

haiku concordia

the man snaps
the view from the bridge
darkness falls


  1. The bridge between this world and the next?? :)

  2. Bit worrying that bad weather is now approaching concordia - it appears that there was a mystery blonde not on the passenger list 'socialising' on or near the bridge just before impact but that's another story - the real worry is that the shipwreck with its thousands of tonnes of heavy oil that needs to be heated before it can be taken off - this needs 2 to 3 weeks - is in a protected area for whales and dolphins - perhaps the most important in the Mediterranean. It's not over yet.

  3. press report: the man we allude to who ought to have remained on the bridge and whom claims that he fell into the lifeboat which just happened to contain two ship's officers and the woman they are now calling the concubine ... the whole thing like every good mystery is unraveling. I expect Hollywood's scriptwriters are already beavering away.


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