Saturday, 7 January 2012

How was it for you?

Another one over
sighed the thousand-faced god
(and all of them true)
at least for one year
in our time and space 'verse
(how was it for you?
did the rum hold its flavour
in the overnight tumbler?)
and what else did we waste
apart from our time?

Is the best sell-by-date
the one that's not known?


  1. Just been reading your bird-spotting in Scotland poem on poetry rat - as you don't appear tp have commenting available there have popped here to say how much I like that.

  2. Many thanks for leaving your comment HERE Gerald.

    The reason I haven't activated Poetry Rat comments is simply because I want to leave the Poetry Rat blog (as far as possible) in simple book format for people to read and enjoy.

  3. With regard to my above comment I have just checked the stats for the Poetry Rat blog and find that since I started posting poems on Poetry Rat in November 2011 the 'e-book' (as I think of it) has received almost 900 clicks. Obviously I'm delighted!


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