Sunday, 22 January 2012

Signing-up to the Zeitgeist

the old books
taken off the shelves
and taken away

the new books
brought in
and placed on the shelves

the town square
named after the leader

the town square
named for the leader

the monument
to the previous leader

a monument
to the new leader
to be erected

people returning
and old friends going
on vacation

their national flags
hauled down
and burned
and trampled in the streets

our national flags
into the skies
into the four winds


  1. A poem for the world; past present and future. I like the repetitive nature of the verses, it adds to the power of the message.

  2. Thanks Gordon. I tried to make the poem metronomic apart from the last two verses where there's a subtle change of pace and an extra line added - the new regime being now established.


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