Monday, 6 February 2012

haiku reflections

ice skaters glide
and seen from the lakeside
the rhythm reflected



  1. How I wish I could ice skate - the trouble is that the weather conditions here are so rarely suitable that nobody learns to do it. I suppose it is one of the few pluses (two s?) of the awful weather.

  2. Pat, it's a beautiful thing to observe, the gentle movement, in such natural surroundings - it's a bit like Dominic's wild swimming in a way although I don't suppose that is particularly beautiful in the same sense - although it might be - it might well be!

  3. Isn't that incredible? I thought the figures were standing in shallow water. I've seen a lot of frozen lakes and ponds in my life but never one where the ice was as clear as the water. "the rhythm reflected" is such an apt but unexpected phrase.

  4. Thanks Mairi. Yes, it's amazingly clear. Close up you can see small plants and pebbles through the ice. There was another man taking photos there which gacve me the idea. The lake is in the Lobau National Park which is a small wilderness in Vienna beside the River Danube. Napoleon's army once camped here. The area is famous for its wildlife and flowers including orchids. There are several marked walks and cycle routes but no other traffic. In summer you can go 'skinny dipping'.

  5. ps - "the rhythm reflected" came about because I always think of the sight of ice skating pairs as being somehow poetic.


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