Saturday, 4 February 2012

haiku for Geoff Stevens (1942 - 2012)

To put out the fires

They throw petrol on the flames

The seller warms his hands


  1. Enigmatic - and applicable to so many human social and political situations.

    Geoff Stevens: occasionally I discover someone I should know well just as they die.

    Since I know so little there is little I can say, except that I sat and read his website just now for longer than I do most and thought In The All Night Café was wonderful (was it in Chickentown, perhaps?)

  2. Dominic, I'd recently sent an email to Geoff's Purple Patch to replace my Poetry Monthly (defunct) sub - and there was no reply - then came the news that he was ill. Subscriptions have understandably been suspended - I've just read on the website. It was Geoff who awarded me the Purple Patch No. 1 spot for best small press individual collection in his 2008 lists.

    John, Many thanks. It was RK Singh's new haiku gave me the idea.

  3. ps- John, the painting is one I did 10 years ago. I have it on my wall.

  4. Gwil - after reading Dominic's comment I shall now go and look at the website he mentions. Sad when someone falls off the blog radar because they have died.

  5. Pat, there's not much chance of Geoff Stevens falling off the blog radar as you term it. He'll be remembered long.

  6. Geoff was an industrial chemist so that is very appropriate - on t'other hand Geoff had a big blind spot when it came to haiku. I heard the news a few days ago and was quite sad. I understand the end was peaceful and for this we must be grateful. I could possibly write reams of remincences about Geoff but for now it is perhaps too close.

  7. Thanks Gerald. I hope you do write some reminiscences at some future date.


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