Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Cloud found?

and yet again
once more this day
I'll search the sky . . .
for the tenuous cloud
that lonely floats
on high
and wanders
like the schoolboy
with his kite
over hills and dales
(...or was it vales?)
to play
at something tugging
on a string
. . . and so we fill
our time with days

William Wordsworth's lonely wandering cloud,
look closely (upper rt.) - it's true, I finally found it!


  1. That cloud is a bit tiny - nothing like a host of golden daffodils Gwil.
    Ah well, looks as though I must concede defeat. Sorry, is it dales?

  2. Hi Pat, I think the Dales are in Yorkshire and the Vales are in Wales ;) . . . enjoy your extra day!


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