Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Towers Inverted

The old granaries
reflected in the winter sunshine
on the river
the image captured
with a digital camera
the special offer
you picked up at the checkout
when the girl had to go
to the room
and spend ten minutes
for the last one
which eventually arrived
in a damaged box
you thought to be perilously torn

but when you got it home
and studied the instructions
in seven languages
none of which is yours
you found that it worked

no question about it
the result is plain if not clear
for all here to see

"tall towers
distorted in disturbance on river

a real professional job

the blur
to the eye of the viewer

the clarity
to the eye of the artist

and then

to stand on our heads . . .



  1. And a very beautiful image it is, thanks :)

  2. thanks Jinksy, I like to think so.

  3. I do not need to stand on my head to see the beauty of this Gwilym.


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