Sunday, 25 March 2012

New Martian Poetry and a book tip.

Much thanks to Gordon Mason at Catapult to Mars for publishing several of my previously unpublished poems and for choosing me as the red planet's current Poet of the Month.*

The 2012 Poet-in-Residence trophy (see right) is hereby awarded to Gordon in gratitude and in recognition of this valuable service to fourth planet poetry.

On Earth the Nobel Prize for Literature was recently won by Tomas Transtörmer, a fine poet whose expanded New Collected Poems (translated by Robin Fulton) is due to be published by Bloodaxe Books next month, i.e. April 2012.

*A Martian year of 686 days, has 24 months.

Library books: Nothing Twice - Wislawa Szymborska, 1 Dead in Attic - Chris Rose, The Master of Petersburg - J M Coetzee


  1. Thanks Gwilym for the 'cup'!

    Looks like its going to be a long year then!

  2. Love your work, Gwilym. Just now read you over at the catapult.


  3. Hi Pamela, As one Martian to another, Rock on!

  4. Gordon, ... and what's more there's no need to polish it.

    ps- hope the casualties are recovering well.

  5. Pleased to see that you are back receiving comments Gwil - I have missed leaving you a comment.

  6. enjoyed them on catapult congrats again both Gwilym and Gordon

  7. Thanks Pat, I always look forward to your comments!

  8. John, Aye John, it's a pleasure to showcase some of the new material at Gordon's 'Catapult...' website.


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