Thursday, 12 April 2012

High Summer 1917 Flanders

Reviewing a copy of the newly published posthumous collection Who Travels down this Narrow Road by Henry Pluckrose (1931 - 2011) Matador ISBN 978-1-78088-076-1 for David Pike at Pulsar (see LINKS) I was greatly impressed by the anti-war poem Simply Poppies.

I hope that the late Henry Pluckrose and the folks at Matador will not be too disturbed if I quote briefly here from the poem Simply Poppies which impressed me so much.

. . .

Dreamers from many lands died here
All fought, they thought, to save
A way of life, their Nation's rights.

King, Czar, Kaiser, those who ruled,
Explained at length why young men must die
To satisfy a war machine

. . .

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