Thursday, 12 April 2012

Here for the ride

of smoke
of billions of years
and now
here we are
here in this very moment
third carriage from the engine
conscious and aware
in vast space and time
travellers on board
the trans-universal express
the invisible driver
no longer at the controls
and the crew
and ourselves
here for the ride
for the views
through the windows
here for the long journey
hit the emergency stop
nothing will happen
there is no jumping off
at the next station
we are all on board to the end
of the line
the final terminus
(a place that may never be built)
whatever we think
refill my glass
in the restaurant car
relax with my drink

Some years ago the above 'psychic painting' showing my 'true universal home' was mailed to me by an artist working on the other side of the world. I was humbled to receive it and I have to say, it is a continual source of hope and inspiration.

Thank you B.


  1. Reminded me of the Time Lord! I like the clockwork allusion at the end.

    While on the IOM I went to an exhibition of the Austrian artist Ernst Eisenmayer's work. He had been interned there during the war. I had not come across him before - and I wondered if you had. It made a deep impression on me.

  2. Hi Dominic, appreciate the comment.

    I hadn't heard of Ernst Eisenmayer thanks for bringing him to my notice.

    ps - I just discovered there's a trail run along Hadrian's Wall planned for the summer. You can allow yourself 2 days. It's a rapidly growing sport. I hope it doesn't get too commercialised. Hope you are keeping fit and well!

  3. Certainly am, thank you. Try to keep up a modest 10 miles a week right now.

    Hadrian's Wall would be good one day, but not quite yet. I certainly intend to walk it -albeit in sections. I think paths always seem shorter when you know them.

  4. I've often wondered why that is Dominic. The first time you walk or run a trail it seems slightly longer than you imagined it should and the second time you do it it seems much shorter than you remembered it. Maybe it's simply the softwear in our heads ;)

  5. By the way, Dominic, I forgot to say that I'm pleased to learn you're still turning your feet to the gritstone.


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