Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Nomadic Traveller

journeys on with his son
and objects found on the road
are making the journey too

an album of drawings
a portable ancestral altar
a tree without roots


The Nomadic Traveller 
and The Signs
first published at
Catapult to Mars


  1. I like the way your title leads directly to the first line Gwil.

  2. Pat, Though I don't use it always I think it's a fair tactic - maybe in the cloistered halls of academia there's an 'official' word for it ;) I call it a lead-in.

    John, thanks and pleased about that. I think it applies to us all in the end really. We know not whither we go or whence we came.

  3. Reminded me of one of my favourite Werner Herzog films, Herdsmen of the Sun.

  4. Hi Dominic, I took a tumble on this morn's jog - banged my knee ouch ;)! it was I think because I was rushing to get it in before the promised thunder storm and my mind was all over the place and I didn't see the stone on the trail which failed to materialize the thunder that is but may later - moral: go relaxed easy.


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