Saturday, 9 June 2012

Thinking outside the (egg)box

Is this chicken a dinosaur?

There's an age old riddle and it is this: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The question may be answered by supposing that today's chickens are descended from yesterday's dinosaurs. If this is the case the answer must be the egg.

The evolution of the chicken and that of many species of birds struggling to adapt to the modern world and a rapidly changing environment is still proceeding, whereas the egg was always there.

The weather continues.


  1. The blackbirds round here have definitely not adapted to the modern world. They ae so busy flying around searching for food for their young that they fly across the roads too low and are hit by cars. There have been three dead cock birds on our lane in the last three weeks.

  2. Pat, also there are many instances of flocks of American blackbirds and other birds in the USA suddenly falling out of the sky for no reason that anybody can seem to figure out . . . maybe it's all our electronic stuff, radar and so on (just my theory).

  3. Another thing, since Fukushima meltdowns the %age of albinism in birds, Japanese sparrows for example, has increased fourfold, so there are also radiation induced genetic changes to consider.


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