Thursday, 30 August 2012

haikushima 10: a nuclear haiku for all those unfortunate babies and children

through the clouds

the children see the stars; but

their shoes are leaking

In the rain the contaminated plumes of dust and steam still issuing from the wreckage of the atomic reactors will cool and fall to the ground to join the radioactive dust and debris from the four original explosions. The longterm poison contained therein will collect in odd corners, along roadsides, in the gutters and drains, in the playgrounds, and all too often it will get onto the children's shoes . . . the children will touch their shoes with their fingers, and in time a mother may notice her child has developed a skin blemish . . . or a strange swelling in the neck . . . or is breathless . . .

Latest: Pacific Cod caught up to 350 kms from Fukushima found to contain high levels of radiation.


  1. And nobody wishes us to know these things. That is what makes it even more awful Gwil.

  2. We didn't want to cause a panic, they will say.

  3. Hi Pat, the information about the factory chickens which I left today on your post about the ducks was if I remember rightly obtained from an Austrian documentary film called We Feed the World which I went to see 3 or 4 years ago.


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