Wednesday, 5 September 2012


through the mist 

the mountain barely seen

I think of Basho

Once again my usual debt of gratitude for my inspiration to KuniSan who posted an image of Mount Fuji at see haiku here. My top photo is not Mount Fuji but a mountain near Strobl in Austria; nevertheless the form and the mist and the twigs and the reflections give a Japanese flavour to the picture I like to think. It's what I tried to capture. Some more photos taken in the same area on the same day complete the album.

most enchanting 

ghosts on mountains 

seen in mists


  1. Unlike TEPCO's photos of Fukushima Daiichi these photos are not doctored in any way. All the colours are original and nothing has been removed or added.

  2. You know the feeling, Pat, living in the Dales. I bet Dominic does too for he's been on many a misty slope.

  3. Just to add that 'seen' in line 3 could also be written as 'scene' to give it a Shakespearian tragedy flavour.


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