Tuesday, 23 October 2012


"They don't make 'em like that anymore"

A Night at the Movies is the title of Poetry Kit's free to download ebook which you can find HERE.

With the evenings drawing in an evening out at your local Kino might beckon. Fortunately for me there is such a cinema and it is one which shows quality films as opposed to the cut-to-the-car-wrecks or boom-bang-here-we-war-again movies playing in that faraway brain comfort zone, the multi-mega-cd-midnightplex-echochamber with its airport sized area of tarmac and floodlights enough to require the probable services of a medium sized power station.

Interestingly the best made films these days, in my humble opinion, arrive generally from France.

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  1. We are also lucky to have a good cinema near at hand, and one which has a good cafe for meals before hand.


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