Thursday, 29 November 2012


in bethlehem 

a boy lights a candle 

of peace

Translations of Bethlehem

Arabic: house of meat  /  Hebrew: house of bread


  1. If recent events are anything to go by then that candle of peace in the area is a bit pointless.

    Did you see, by the way, that they are now talking about making Chernobyl 'safe' so that tourists can visit!!!?

  2. Sounds like a lot of nonsense. It's not safe and they can't make it safe. Chernobyl I mean.

    Perhaps there should be a kind of competition each year to select a suitable country to be entitled to host the ceremony of lighting the candle of peace.

  3. we once nearly went to Bethlehem but we'd misread the roadsign and it turned out to be Billingham - been to a Bethlehem in Wales and another in New Zealand though.

  4. Hi Gerald, a lovely story! I used to live quite near Salem (also in Wales). I think there's even a Jerusalem somewhere abouts. Wm Blake simply got the country slightly wrong with his famous hymn. The important thing in Wales is that Merlin sleeps soundly in the crystal cave of Gwynedd ;-)


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