Monday, 19 November 2012

Something fishy at Fukushima

   ". . . 40% of children have thyroid abnormalities which is exceedingly rare . . . are showing symptoms and signs . . . showing that they had received a higher dose . . . than children at Chernobyl . . . and . . . children in school and in kindergarten are being fed radioactive food . . . mushrooms, spinach, rice, tea, fish . . . they say it will take 40 years to clean it up but the truth is they will never clean it up . .  . cesium137 lasts for 300 years" - Dr Helen Caldicott

Germany's ZDF TV* channel reports today on YouTube that 18months after the meltdowns at Fukushima 42% of 57,000 Fukushima children tested have been found to have thyroid problems.

The ZDF report also reveals that the official radiation measuring stations situated in public spaces throughout the area where these children live and go to school are currently giving radiation readings 5 times lower than readings obtained at the same locations by independent researchers.

At a recent meeting of experts when the shocking figures were released not one expert present in the room was moved to say or ask what the cause of the problem might be.

When a senior official was questioned by the ZDF reporter the official theorized that the children had consumed contaminated fish or iodine.

42% of 57,000 = 23,940.

Poor kids.


*Video not available in English translation at time of writing.

News Latest 22 Nov 2012:
Tepco's much heralded brand new radiation-proof robot has now made its premier appearance. It seized up almost immediately and had to be carried out of the plant. Meanwhile, still in Japan, a wild boar with 33,000 bq/kg of cesium in its body has turned up. This is a record amount of radiation for an animal.


  1. All the years after Chernobyl Gwil and there is not a one hundred percent clean bill on the state of the grass lands and therefore the lambs that graze them. What horrors are we building for the future?

  2. Some short sighted leaders in the world I'm afraid. They just leave it to the grandchildren to clean up the mess the best they can.


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