Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Having been told
that the world will end

or the next day
- or the day after
I post your

Christmas card
early. It comes with
suitable song


What is Christmas without
snow? We need it 
as bread of a cold
climate, ermine to trim

our sins with, a brief 
sleeve for charity's
scarecrow to wear its heart
on, bold as a robin. 

 - R S Thomas

and winter scene


  1. The world won't end, dear friend. Both you and I will live to see it going its own way.
    This morning I composed the following haiku:

    alone in the sky
    the sun standing still
    friday undoomed

    I share it with you before 21 December because there will is no doomsday.


  2. well done Gwilym (and I love you know) re the request use anything of mine any time

  3. If the world doesn;t end tomorrow then I shall put on a post tomorrow night. Did you see where some people in US had paid forty six thousand dollars to build a shelter in case the world ends - and the shelter has a TV screen - not sure what to think about that!

  4. Pat, there's nowt so queer as folk


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