Thursday, 27 December 2012


In the beginning the Creator created the tree.

Whatever I think, or may not think about it, I must consider the possibility that it's all going according to His plan.

I currently find myself, that is to say I find that part of me that is my supraconsciousness (or whatever the word for the opposite of subconsciousness is)  existing as an idea, to put it loosely, in a universe which appears to be one of many universes, perhaps an infinite number of universes existing in an unlimited multiverse. I may even be existing in all the universes of the multiverse at the same time for all I know; like a radio or a TV my metaphorical receiver merely tuned-in to this particular time and place in the space-time continuum at the moment.

Certainly, as far as my physical body including my nerves and brain material is concerned I am not the same person who existed 7 years ago. All that material has vanished and been replaced bit by bit. The part of me which is an eternal constant is my supraconsciousness which is to be found in a separate dimension, or you may say a parallel universe, to my physical body; a physical body which doesn't even exist physically in what we understand as reality, other than as an electromagnetic field.

Since I am (on one level) living in the physical (on Earth) my supraconsciousness can only be glimpsed from here as through a glass darkly. For technical and other reasons the Creator keeps my supraconsciousness well away from my 5% consciousness plus 95% subconsciousness mode of existence. I imagine that those other reasons include protecting the integrity of the higher or out of body levels of consciousness.

To me it is conceivable that there is beyond my supraconsciousness another level of consciousness which I will call the extrasupraconsciousness level; it may be the direct line to the Source.

In an unlimited multiverse the possibilities are unlimited.

Use them all wisely.


  1. What you might call supraconsciousness, some might call a soul.

    What is very nice to see, however, is that unlike a number of contemporary poets you unabashedly acknowledge a Creator.

    You will probably break some hearts should you "come out" and say you even think there is a heaven and hell and that we individually are responsible here on Earth for our actions.

    Thanks for making me think this morning in America.

  2. Many thanks Donal. Enjoy your cornflakes!

  3. a bit like a perpetual russian doll

  4. Russian dolls ad infinitum Gerald, imagine that!

  5. Thank you John. Hope the locals have got the bagpipes tuned and ready! Firework bangers we can do without!

  6. As Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell sang, The World is Just a Great Big Onion - although they weren't thinking of its many-layeredness.

    Seriously, I was interested to read about the Hindu idea of Brahman and the idea that each human has at his or her centre, Atman - or a little bit of Brahman. Different strands of thought in Hinduism see it in various ways but as I understand it the potential for consciousness, for what I think of as "me" is just a facet of the fabric of the universe. (I don't think this needs to be seen as substantially contradicting any of the worlds religions and I now see why Hinduism is in some ways a very. open, "permeable" religion).

  7. I think Dominic there is much research and investigation which could be done using the medium of dream as a possible 'wrinkle' in the space-time continuum in particular as appertaining to subsequent incidents of synchronicity in the waking realm as a starting point.


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