Saturday, 19 January 2013

God's Night Off

Saturday night in Sammy's Bar
and there I met God

He was hunched on a barstool
And raisin' a gin to his lip

The bottle half empty
Or full, if you like it that way

I was just passin' by
And thought I'd drop in

For one shot of rye
Or maybe a gin

He slurred me the bottle
And he slid me the glass

I measured two fingers
And swallowed that spirit in one

And so it went on . . .
Each one having one

Till all of a sudden
The bottle was gone,

Then God put his hand
Onto mine

Don't worry  said God
There's nothing to fear

Whatever men say,

All is okay

Then he put on his hat
And buttoned his coat

He went to the door and he turned
And said  Lis ten

E v e yt h ri n g's  goi g n  exa cl ty  t o  p a l n

He glanced at the clock
And then like a shot

- he was gone.


  1. Rather hyper-Calvinist; don't you you think?

  2. Cheers and all the best to ye Mr Mcgranor! I guess one man's gin is another man's tonic!

  3. God has no taste for drink but his politics is too much to bear.

  4. R K , I have to confess that in my youth I managed to get through a bottle of scotch along with with a night club owner and a bishop in very short time, in the house of the former. But I think the best I ever was a busload of unsteady Irish priests, decamping at a racecourse, waving their horse racing form guides and seeking the way to the bar. There used to be a TV series called Father Ted, summed it all up for me. Maybe there are highlights on YouTube. I must look sometime.


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