Friday, 11 January 2013

It burns really well

It burns really well!

            Brenna Tuats Guat - Hubert von Goisern

where is the place
where the devil gets his children
this is the place
where all runs together
where is the fire
hey where will the lightning strike now
where now is the hut
where the hats are on fire

have we bad luck or good
to fall down or fall up
to be fat or be thin
is there reason and rhyme
share it out,  pour me one
to be down or be happy
if I was a christian I'd know
where the devil piles up his muck

but everyone knows
money don't grow in fields
and you cannot eat it
but it burns really well
and as long as we heat
with the corn
and the beet and the wheat
the hat also burns

where is all the money
missing from everywhere
and no-one ashamed
how come the words of the liars
are always twisting the truth
they take what they will
or they steal it
these scoundrels the devil shall take

that is the place
where the devil
gets his children
where it all runs together
a tour with the lightning
and all the hats burning
just in that moment

everyone knows

The above is an attempt at the seemingly impossible - a translation from Upper Austria's Goisern dialect into an almost singable English. I think it's near enough to give you a sense of the lyric in the Hubert von Goisern song Brenna Tuats Guat, the official version of which is available to view on YouTube.

I tried to provide a link to the video but failed miserably.


  1. It makes a good poem in English - with accidental echoes of Spike Hawkins.

  2. I want to hear it set to music Gwil.

  3. Thanks Dominic. Will check out Spike Hawkins.

    Pat you can hear in German if you enter 'Hubert von Goisern Brenna Tuats Guat' - (official version of this no. 1 hit here) on You Tube. The music style is called AustroPop.


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