Monday, 21 January 2013

Report: Mayor from Futaba (Fukushima) hospitalized

It won't be over this side of an eternity. Radiation dies too slowly. 

The Mayor from Futaba

The Mayor from Futaba
in Fukushima Prefecture
said this to the world:

My hair fell off 
one woman told me, 
tears were in her eyes.

But it wasn't long
before the mayor's
own hair began to fall
and soon he'd lost
all that once grew
proudly on his chest
and everywhere down
below. Of course there

were the daily nosebleeds
and the thyroid cysts
and the dizzy spells
to contend with too.

So the mayor went along
to the hospital
and politely requested
the appropriate tests.  And they
sent him away!
They sent the mayor away!


But soon
it was being newly reported:

Mayor admitted to Hospital!


Today the mayor
has a crisp clean bed. And
someone has phoned
to ask how he is.

The mayor can still walk!
they said.


It is also reported that the Governor of Fukushima has been hospitalized due to bleeding from the colon area. 

I wish both gentlemen a speedy recovery, if indeed a speedy recovery is possible. These prominent cases serve to highlight the plight of thousands of ordinary citizens whose voices are seldom heard.


  1. Sometimes I wonder Gwil if yours is a lone voice crying in the wilderness.

  2. Pat, I do this is because I believe there is too much propaganda and not enough news concerning many important topics, and Fukushima is the one which probably in the long run have the greatest detrimental effect on the health of the children of this world, who have no voice. Their health will suffer because the radiation being released into the atmosphere and the sea can damage human and animal DNA. The WHO is affiliated to the IAEA and is not permitted to have an opinion other than that approved by the IAEA which of course is a UN farce.

  3. I think it is worth visiting the Japan Quakes Live website from time to time and noting connections between earthquakes. Some, like yesterday's 5.3 and 4.9 for example can follow within 3 minutes of each other even though they are many miles apart.


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