Thursday, 17 January 2013

Snow Removal

More scrapes of the shovels 

Over yesterday's grit 

Now under the layer of new snow 

And the throwing of snow 

From the pavements 

Into the roads

Where the ploughs push it all 

Back onto the kerbs

And into parked cars.

A town with more shovels 

To be handed out 

To an army of men 

Who thank God 

For the snow and the chance.

Today the wind blows

And extra men drift 

Into the yards where they stand 

In long queues 

And hope for the worst.


  1. I had not thought of that before Gwil - of course those who get work because of the snow will relish the thought - unlike the rest of us.

  2. We are having another foot on top of the 6" we already have they tell us.


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