Saturday, 9 February 2013

Signs of Spring

Now they arrive

the early signs

of Spring in Austria:

the Primrose smiling

wanly, the Snowdrop

shivering her Bell.


From the North

less Crows. From the East

less Cold.  From the

West more Snow. From the

South more Sun.

From all Directions

more VIPs

for the Vienna State Opera Ball.


  1. As the days grow longer the storms grow stronger Gwil - snow forecast here for tomorrow.

  2. The bitter cold of Eastern Europe gives way to warmer air and lively weather often bringing snow I agree, but the bonus for us in the valley here is that the endless foggy days of winter are finally coming to an end.

  3. Thank you, Dominic. Terrible weather in NE of USA though.

  4. Thank you George, and this morning its the snow from the West!


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