Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Jigsaw Puzzle in Winter

On melting snow
Before a door
One jigsaw corner
Turned too soft
And faded grey.
It was hard to say
What it was once;
Maybe a piece
of sunny sky. And
There I left it
Where it lay. One
Lost puzzle piece
Outside a door
Of a church bazaar.
And somewhere else
In a rattle box
A picture incomplete.


  1. I have a few jig-saws like that Gwil. In the winter we are passionate players of Rummikub and doers of jig saws.

  2. My life is a jigsaw. There is always a piece missing. And every time I open the box it's a different one.

  3. I like this poem very much - thank you for posting it. That jigsaw metaphor is apt.
    Best wishes from Anne

  4. Many thanks, Anne. Pleased you liked it.

  5. Like it - especially the "rattle box".

  6. Thanks Dominic, when I was a child I liked the sound the jigsaw pieces made whenever I shook the box. Now I do so metaphorically.


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