Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Thoughts of Rome haiku

a moth

unlike a mitre

still on a rock

A word about wordplay:

*The handsome moth I photographed is not a Mitre Pretiosa which is a small and dark moth.

  Also worth knowing is that aus (the initial letters of the lines) is the German word for out. The rest of it speaks for itself. The ex-pope will remain on the rock, the mitre will move into new hands, the moth will carry on regardless. Above this post is another post about moths. It is for an old person I know. It is a song of hope.


  1. I have moth phobia Gwil, so shall pass this over quickly!

  2. Pat, I know what you mean but if you click on the photo and get the enlarged version you will see what a beautiful jewel of creation it is.


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