Friday, 15 March 2013

Old Soldiers Never Die

they merely skype as arranged over beer and crisps

soldiers are apt to reflect growing old

ordinary chaps at opposite ends of an ordinary world

and a war that was fought

long ago somewhere else

they google the fog and the froth

and recall the arrows

and the lines in the dirt

running over the maps -

it was a time when spam was a meal in a tin

Footnote: Spam, as a foodstuff, remains popular today, according to a Wikipedia entry I just checked out. Personally, I have the impression that people devoured more tins of the meaty pink rectangles in the 1950's and '60's; in the days before freezers and fridges,  and that sales plummeted following a Monty Python sketch. Of course I admit that I may be wrong. It may be that I am moving in non-spam circles. It is certainly a popular dish in Hawaii where it is reckoned that the annual consumption of spam on one of the islands is an amazing 16 tins per stomach. I expect they serve it with pineapple.


  1. I just love this imagery of these two old boys mulling over the old days Gwilym. I know a few old soldiers who fall into this category.

  2. It's good that old soldiers on opposite sides can after a suitable passage of time now get together via the internet as possible future friends and compare notes and stories and discuss items of interest and at the end of it all discover the real truth for themselves. The internet has the potential to bring an end to all war.


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