Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Grim visaged

waterfall's milky flow
 and on the rocks the hollow eyed
and grim visaged

I took the above photograph in 2012 in the Brandnertal, a narrow culd-de-sac valley in Austria. I looked at the image again today and I was astounded to see a grim visage in the upper/left/centre of the picture. The hollow eye sockets, the bulbous nose, and thin grim lips, the strong chin, all clearly visible below the reptilian forehead. At least in my book. It's like finding shapes in clouds. In rocks, they last longer. The age of the face in the rock is anyone's guess. It looks very ancient. From the stone age one might say. The question is: Was it made by man or nature?

It is for my money an amazing creation. And to think it was carved by nature using natural flowing water and without any tools. If a sculptor created such a face in stone, or wood, or bronze he could rightly be proud of it. It would fetch much money at auction. But this face? It is the face of nature seen in a rock, and such faces are to be found all over the world. They are priceless but at the same time they are of no monetary value for they are not created by the human mind for the human mind. They are merely natural phenomena as we like to say.

The fern clad face in foreground profile could be a work in progress, since we like to think in these terms.


  1. I am sure it was made by nature Gwil - to be honest I have to use my imagination to really see it. I think it is a gestalt - and you either see that view or another.

  2. Of course it is like that, what one sees another sees not, it's a kind of chinese whispers but with the eyes


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