Monday, 25 March 2013

The Mysterious Lady of Venice


She stayed me near
a deep green river
and looked my way
with eyes unblinking.

I wondered what
those eyes were thinking;
and I wondered what
they thought of me;

those amber eyes
with pupils green
housed 'neath eyebrows
arched like bridges.

A cloth of funeral black
her head enclosed;
no lips made show
to lightly smile

To smile toward
another walking by
who doubtless would
return such smile to her.

No light and carefree hair
with which the air
might freely play;
no breeze to blow the clouds away.


  1. I love the rhymes in this Gwil - they sort of pull you up short. Is that what they are meant to do?

  2. It is only the last stanza that we have end of line rhymes which is the conclusion the poem is leading to - before that as you picked up on there are halting midlines rhymes and half rhymes etc. The message of the poem is contained in the last stanza then. The way to go there for my mysterious lady is not an easy one.

  3. I mean to say "the way to go to beyond there . . ."


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