Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Keiskamma After Guernica Tapestry

The Keiskamma After Guernica Tapestry was created from recycled textiles by a co-operative of fifty women from the Eastern Cape of South Africa. 
In 2011 it was on display in Venice, Italy (courtesy of Mandela Bay Development Agency).

The Keiskamma tapestry is enormous. In fact it is the same size as Picasso's famous painting Guernica. The tapestry's theme is the terrible impact of AIDS/HIV on the lives of South African women and their babies. 

The message is clear; and in the 21st century you'd think there should be no need to spell it out; but unfortunately there is, as you will see in my final photograph.

Many doctors and their medical staff are doing what they can with what resources they have. Others, including religious pontificators and politicians who are in positions of power and influence need to do some serious thinking.

Have a good Easter Sunday.

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