Tuesday, 19 March 2013

no immediate danger the spokesman said

- Recent tsunami history -
1896 Sanriku maximum height between 35-40 meters
1923 Kanto 10-15 meters 1933 Sanriku 25-30 meters
1944 Tonokai 10-15 meters  1946 Nankai 10-15 meters
1954/5 Ansei 10-15 meters 2011 Tohoku 35-40 meters 

Big wave; thunder roar; rising.
The dark horse before the boiling waters.
The four waters of the apocalypse. A sailor
looks at his digital watch. It has stopped.
The ship on the horizon grows smaller.


  1. No-one will ever learn will they Gwil?

  2. I've now put accurate tsunami heights on the picture. All the big ones are from the same area of the ocean, off Sendai.

  3. Thanks for your comment on the road to Kirby Lonsdal Gwil. With the huge nunber of motor cycle accidents and deaths over the past few years there are now very few unfenced parts of the route. It looks very much as though we shall have to cancel our planned trip because it has been snowing since break of day and there is more forecast.
    By the wat, did you see that now the Government have agreed to a new Nuclear Power station in Somerset, capable of providing electricity to 5 million homes. Of course the 'carrot' of new jobs means that many folk will not oppose it.

  4. They always build them in the most beautiful parts of the country. If they are so safe why not build one on the Thames at London? Why does Somerset need more electricity anyway? It's a rural area with orchards.


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