Thursday, 7 March 2013

To say this about Wales . . .

To say this about Wales . . .

We're a remnant 
Of land 
And a people.

Our language 
Was compost 
For graveyards. 

Our farm hands
And labourers 
 Were shipped to the gas

Of the Somme.
It's a place 
Not even in Wales

To perish like rats 
For a peace 
That never could last.

And I'm torn 
To know

The rain 
On the wind  

Over the hill 
And under one remnant

. . . the dragon


  1. Re cycling: So it could have been you or some of your mates who drove us all mad on that road from Kettlewell to West Burton!

    Research will be done - anyone who calls me girl deserves the best!

  2. It could be. We were there before Tour de France!


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