Sunday, 28 April 2013

Photo Friendly Cops


Large photographs (or maybe posters) were on show in the Hof of a Vienna Palais I happened to wander into a year or two ago. I had my camera with me and so I took the opportunity to zoom-in and frame these three policemen.

Since the average city dwelling Bürgersmann can expect to have his visage captured over a million times on camera in his lifetime it's good to know that there are some photo friendly cops about.

We are not all being pressed into ordentlich Orwellian obedience as 'breaking news' reports might appear to suggest. Not yet anyway. At least I think not. The folks in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus etc. might have reason to think otherwise.

We are shortly to be issued with a new €5 note. It'll be more slippery they say. 


  1. I suppose any cop looks friendly Gwil if it is your Dad - whereas most cops look a bit scary to me.

  2. I thought Yorkshire had the world's friendliest bobbies!

  3. a slippery note is what evyrone wants

  4. The slippery note will bear the new word: EBPO which is Bulgarian for Euro. It will appear under the Greek text.


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