Sunday, 5 May 2013

It would not profit you

It would not profit you
to eat these flowers 
growing wild 

along the sides of fields
and country paths
because you rightly fear their bane; 

though bees and other insects 
can partake when plants are free 
from neocotinoids.

But how are bees to know what's safe?
Bees cannot read the signs which say: 
Keep Out.

One needs to ask: 

Who will not help 
the bees and butterflies?

And why?


  1. To that one needs to add hedgehogs Gwil.

  2. Thanks Pat. The Igel as it is called here is a vital part of the ecosystem. Of much concern in areas where neocotinoids are used, since being slow to degrade they build up in the soil year on year, is the fate of the worms. Another vital component in nature's blueprint.


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