Friday, 3 May 2013

The Death of BEE

In the palace grounds
The flower beds 
And there the yellow rose 

With petals faintly edged 
Pale red  
And clinging to them 
One dead BEE 

How did BEE die? 

Wondered loud
And then 
It came to me 

The announcement 
On the radio
From the Ministry 

For Bees 
and Moths and Flies and Fleas 
and Pesticides 
with Neocotinoids

"We are unable to tell you 
How BEE died 

"For the fate of BEE 
Is now protected data

"And therefore confidential . . . "

That's the latest buzz 

The End.

1) One of the problems highlighted again recently, not covered in this poem, is the fact neocotinoids accumulate in the earth from year to year, and therefore affect earthworms and birds.
2) The Austrian Government, as indicated in the poem, is so far refusing is release data on bee colony collapse and the use of neocotinoids citing data protection and confidentiality.
3) Can it be a coincidence that there is currently a move to prevent local sale and exchange of seeds between smallholders at the same time as attempts are being made to introduce patented gm and neocotinoid treated seeds on a wider scale?
4) One organic bee farmer in Burgenland, Austria, for example, recently reported only 10 of his 26 bee colonies surviving the winter. The honeycombs were full and there was plenty of food but there were no bees to be found.


  1. We hurtle towards destruction on yet another front Gwil and they will not learn until it is too late.

  2. Hey Gwil.

    Let's just hope this poem doesn't turn out to be a eulogy for the honeybee. I do worry, though. Here in the U.S., we don't seem to be covering up. The big corps seem to be advertising everything they do.

  3. Hi Pat and Mike, Thanks for the comments. Bees are now on the front page! See today's post.


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