Monday, 26 August 2013

To the Alm

the people 
fetched up their musical instruments 
and played them 

all day . . . 

an alpine horn 
of unique splendour 
. . . was played with passion

there was a man 
with a dog 
. . . and the dog's name 

was Amadeus 

 with her back to the music  
a woman alone 
in the crowd with her  thoughts 

. . . and her bottle 
of beer

many remained 
when the sun had gone down

 it could be 
some of them 
stayed there 

all night . . . 

grizzly tale 
did the rounds 

how soldiers 
machine-gunned 300 pigs


  1. Like it!

    Played all day? And night?? Hmm...

  2. D, have you noticed there's a useful flap in the front of the lederhosen . . . better leave it there

  3. Rather pigs than people Gwil.

    Love that Alpenhorn - wonder what it sounded like.

  4. Alpine horns sound distant - this was nearer and less subdued than most but still a hint of something plaintive - being round I suppose - maybe he'd heard the tale of the pigs.


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