Friday, 30 August 2013

View from the Merc

or Under the Old Sky Lantern

men sharing booze

look darling 

 . . . there's one 

. . . over there 
under the lamp

 on the corner

you might wind the windows up Henry 

one of the unproductive 

 (the permanently sozzled) 

and look
in the shadows

behind him's another 

you could drive a bit faster now Henry

. . . both well oiled 

they'll be turning in 

. . . to sleep it off 
under the bridge 

you could put some music on Henry

and darling look

another one 

      . . .  over there in the bookshop doorway

(slackjawed sniveller)

and beside him another

(squint eyed slinger of snot)

one can never find a policeman when one wants one

and look darling

      over there 
. . . by those waste bins

(splay mouthed smoker of sotweed)

o how odious his ode 

one more for a night in the slammer

and all at the taxpayer's expense  (both together)  and all at the taxpayer's expense 

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