Friday, 27 September 2013

Venice Protest (1) Save the Lagoon

There were protests 

in Venice recently

and they were to do with the amount of pollution

and structural damage to the city's foundations

from these giants of the seas.
It was claimed that these giant ships sailing through the lagoon

produce more cancer causing chemicals than all the cars in the city of

Milan. The source of this terrible news was an independent* German

study group I was informed.

It could be true. On one of these giants of the seas I counted nine

giant smokestacks.

One ship was so big I had to walk almost a  hundred meters away to

to view the thing

with my camera.

The protests took place a few days after the raising of the infamous Costa Concordia.

Many of the ships are bigger than any of Venice's hotels, museums

and churches. Here's one approaching Saint Marks Square
on its way out of the lagoon.

*extract from handout: 

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