Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Ice Wall of Fukushima

You now can click on the line of text above to get the latest 4 minutes of expert assessment regarding Fukushima. The danger of a strong earthquake affecting the integrity of the more than 1,000 tanks holding the highly radioactive water stored on site is one of the problems discussed.

The Japan Quakes Live graph which can be found via my A-Z Links shows a worrying trend. The red daily release energy line resembles a tightly coiled spring.

Here's a question: Who or what is preventing an international response to this catastrophic international incident involving a multiple meltdown, maybe the word by now is melt-through, and the leakage of radioactive water which is entering the Pacific food chain on a daily basis? Is it TEPCO? Is it the Japanese Government? Is it pride? Is it obeisance? Is it the IAEA? Is it the IAEA's bedmate the WHO? Is it the UN? Is it GEC? Is it you or me? Or some unknown? Or is it some or all of the above?

The latest TEPCO idea, you'll be pleased to learn, is to construct an underground wall of ice "to stop the highly radioactive water from the tanks entering the less radioactive groundwater".


Update 4th Sep: During the night an earthquake measuring 6.5 to 6.9 off SE coast of Japan.


  1. It is all of the above Gwil. I have long since come to the conclusion that our politicians (I will not give them a capital letter - any of them - they don't merit one) are all out for their own ends and have no thought for the future of the planet, whatever they may say to the media.

  2. Thank you Pat, I forgot to mention 'the experts' and their 'research' sponsored by the nuclear industry. Last night there was an earthquake between 6.5 and 6.9 fortunately well offshore so you can call it a near miss. If Unit 4 collapses we'll really see some fireworks.


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