Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Shell Seekers

Marc Quinn
Zsolt Asztalos

. . . these are the shell seekers 
seeking the truth 
in the curve and the lie 
of a shell

I found some 
of Marc's
by the Venice lagoon
where they gleamed with the fire and the glare 
of the sun -
an explosion of light 
on the quay 
of San Giorgio 

and Zsolt's new collection 
in the Magyar pavilion 
over the water 
singly and lined up in rows -
these were dud shells 
which had failed 
to ignite after 
firing . . .


  1. That last picture was such a shock Gwil and put the whole thing in perspective.

  2. Yes, I don't always put the pics at the top. I like to place them for impact.

  3. That's a nicely startling turn, Gwilym. It's a good poem even without the pictures.

  4. Many thanks George. I hope to have a look at the Egyptian video later today.


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