Saturday, 12 October 2013

Inventing the phoku* form - phoku 1

*the poet creates a label for the latest avant genre - the wordless photo haiku - but comes up with an unfortunate invention . . . the phoku . . .  sadly it's the best he can manage in the absence of anything stronger than coffee . . .

 here's a recent phoku (it should be understood that the brand name/s appearing on packaging/s, sugar cubes in this instance, is merely incidental, and does not imply the author's recommendation or approval or otherwise of or for any of the product/s featured in this or any future phoku/s)


  1. I do like this idea and may well try it, after all a picture is worth a thousand words Gwil.

  2. That's how I figured it Pat, if a picture is worth a proverbial thousand words then a 'phoku moment', that is a moment containing the three images, the two connections and the conclusion, must be worth much more than three lines . . .


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