Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A poem after reading C P Cavafy's "In Alexandria 31 B.C."

War News

From a village over the hills to the south

 His bicycle covered with grime from the ride
The seller of chestnuts arrives in the town

And dismounts; he unfastens his sack on the square:

 Chestnuts for roasting! he shouts. The crowd
Is excited; speakers are playing the music of Wagner.

Gestapo are marching an old man away. It looks like 

 The priest, he hears someone say. There's a roar 
From the crowd, and from the high windows paper rains down

In a Gothic script strange to his eye. What does it mean? 

 He yells to a girl with a sheet. The youngster comes near:
Our Führer is winning in Russia! she screams. 


  1. "When setting out upon your way to Ithaca wish always that your course be long, full of adventure, full of lore".


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