Sunday, 3 November 2013


a youngster atop   a war memorial wall
great adventure playground


  1. Yes Gwil, the young have no idea do they? But then, perhaps it is a good thing. Maybe the war dead would wish it to be that way.

  2. And that is a problem. Those who don't know their history risk a repeat of it.

  3. A joyous childhood is a history worth repeating. I would say that the innocent are who they fought for and so it's fitting. I'm sure that, later in life, he will lose his innocence and, perhaps, his ignorance.

  4. May he enjoy the innocence of play while it lasts. He will grow up to learn the grim facts soon enough. Anniversaries keep coming up. Last night for example on ZDF-TV there was a Guido Knopp docu. about the 'Night of Broken Glass' as the events are harmlessly labelled. So he will learn his history one way or another.


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