Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Murata Letters - Fukushima is more than a Hollywood movie

Fukushima, like JFK and 9/11 is a world changing event - only more so.

We the common people are now in the loop because of the integrity and determination of one far-sighted Japanese ambassador.

The mainstream media, if they have any integrity left,  should no longer pretend they are unaware of the seriousness of the disaster.

News media and concerned world inhabitants please

click here and here to read the letters

and here to meet their author

The Murata Letters, as they will one day come to be known, are worth a big movie.  Oliver Stone is my man.


  1. My town is a sister city of Tamura, Fukushima. I've spent time there and have a few friends who teach English there. It is still a "hot zone" and only little stories seem to eke out of news outlets like the BBC, but nothing as alarming as it should be.

  2. Thanks V and I hope it's well with your friends. The mainstream media are pathetic aren't they. On CNN just now the report said: "We will take a look at the Fukushima plant as restoration work begins". They are making it sound almost as if it's just an old painting in a museum that they need to restore.

  3. Hubris, hubris, hubris. We shouldn't touch nuclear power with a bargepole.

  4. You'd think the people would never allow 55 dangerous nuclear plants in their archipelago which is by the way surrounded on all sides by an ocean in constant movement for it wouldn't take a genius to realize here is a potentially unlimited free energy resource. .. it has as much sense as the proposed nuclear plant in Somerset when they have the Severn bore on their doorstep and the second highest tides at Cardiff or the carbuncle that defaces Anglesey when the water of the Menai Straights is in constant flow.


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