Friday, 15 November 2013

another stormy crossing

the air
is clear as glass

and our dragon
guards the dune

where once we came ashore

a plastic bottle
of disinfettante 
rolls over a bed of shells
- its narrow neck split open

the wine
enclosed will sour
in its jade green stoppered bottle

almost buried in the sand
the rusting shotgun cartridge
also green
but used

by a hunched grey
pigeon nodding

and dragging
its broken wing

the can of spray
is rose bouquet

the plastic glove
is surgical

the slip on shoe
is without its sole

the squeezed out tube
of mayonnaise
has flavoured its final dish
of fish 'n' chips

the lifebelt's rotted ring
with short frayed rope

it was a decent blow
someone may say

with no reports
of tragic deaths

this time

the odd dead crab
or jellyfish
a roaming dog
or a cat perhaps

but nothing of any consequence

a boat lost far away unseen
and not picked up on the coastguard radar

the breeze down here is fresh
and clean

'our dragon guards the dune' 


  1. Came ashore... Could be at Porth Neigwl. Great place for flotsam and jetsam.

  2. When you stand there on the shore and the wind is off the sw it has come 7,000 miles over the ocean. Unfortunately we cannot do much to clean up the sea which is full of our crap but we can at least make a try with the air.

  3. Trash to art, poetic recycling.

  4. I like the trash to art philosophy. I enjoy visiting art exhibitions of assembled trash. There should be more. Trash, especially sea trash, is of our times.
    The floating island of Japanese trash is the size of Texas and heading for the west coast of the USA. There will be plenty of sea trash exhibitions in the next years but maybe you will need to put on a radiation protection suit to visit some of them.

  5. At least they might not have to pay to have guided tours... it may illuminate itself. (ok, that was terrible, lol.)

  6. V, it wasn't terrible it was terribly good ;)


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