Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas Miracle

Jessas Maria! shouts the headline in my morning paper.

Priest falls from Christmas tree and plunges 7 meters the story begins.

Man of God (76) survives fall. Saved by guardian angel the text continues

And so I turn to page 9 and read on:

. . . Father Andreas Mohr was attaching a string of Christmas lights to the top of a fir tree when he suddenly fell from his ladder. The priest sustained several broken ribs and for a time his life was in the balance. 

He is now on the road to recovery . . . is the good news with which the story ends.

In these grim times when almost every news bulletin carries news of mass murders, brutal atrocities, and endless hardships it is good for the soul to be able to read some really good news.

Amen to a speedy recovery.


  1. Very nice story. Let us hope for the same for Michael Schumacher today.

  2. Same surgeon as in 1999 after F1 crash so in good hands.

  3. amen indeed Gwil. The papers are always full of doom and gloom - that is all that seems to catch the headlines these days.

  4. Pat, I heard once that somebody launched a daily newspaper, in USA I think it was, and it contained basically all the good news that we never hear about, but the bad news was what the readers wanted to read only bad news and so this entrepreneur went out of business which was bad news for him and his staff.


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